New Swing Strategy Signal – 8/15/2022

New Swing Strategy Signal – 8/15/2022

We are issuing a signal to sell all long positions at 4302.75. Aggressive accounts can take a short position. The initial buy stop will be 4 points above today’s high if you short. We are using the September 16, 2022 monthly 425 SPY puts @$8.56. This closes the buy signal from 7/18/2022 @3832.25.

AF Thornton


A.F. "Arthur" Thornton is an expert in logic, risk/reward quantification, market fractals, pattern recognition and asset class behavioral analysis with 34 years devoted to developing algorithmic and quantitative trading systems. In addition to trading his own capital, Mr. Thornton designs custom algorithmic and quantitative trading systems for a small and exclusive group of exceptionally qualified traders.


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